Tequila maker to open Texas whiskey distillery


Pura Vida Tequila owner Frontier Spirits has revealed plans to build a whiskey distillery in Texas, which is slated to open next year.

Luckenbach Road whiskey distillery to span 117 acres in Texas

The new “state-of-the-art” Luckenbach Road whiskey distillery will be located at 21 Luckenbach Road, Fredericksburg, Central Texas.

The site, spread over 117 acres, will include a 28,000 square foot facility, tasting room and store called Little Peach. There is room for additional equipment on the ground in the future, Frontier Spirits said.

The site was acquired in 2017, the same year that Frontier Spirits was established as the parent company of Pura Vida and Luckenbach Road Whiskey.

Luckenbach Road Whiskey Distillery was incorporated and registered with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in 2018.

Frontier Spirits president and founder, Stewart Lawrence Skloss, has family roots in the area dating back to 1718.

His family also has an experience in alcohol dating back to 1851, when his third great-grandfather Heinrich Ochs immigrated to Fredericksburg from Germany. Ochs founded the Buckhorn Saloon in the Texas town, which served the family’s beer and whiskey recipes, and established one of Gillespie County’s first distilleries.

The same whiskey recipe will become the focal point of the new distillery.

For the past five years, the founder and his wife, Kaitlyn Callaluca Skloss, have worked to make the site a ‘farm to bottle experience’.

The distillery collaborated with Texas A&M University to maximize and develop crops exclusive to the climate and growing conditions of the site.

The facility grows blue, Indian, purple, red and yellow corn, as well as wheat, barley and rye, all of which will be used to make the whiskey.

The first tastings of the whiskey took place in 2019, and the recipe has now been refined to produce the final liquid earlier this year.

Jason Brand, site general manager and chief distiller, is in charge of making the whiskey. He has over 10 years of experience in whiskey production.

Brand will hire around 50 people to help launch the new distillery, which is expected to open at the end of 2022.

The Luckenbach Road Whiskey Distillery has received financial and strategic support from well-known Texans, such as Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top guitarist and singer, musician Charlie Sexton, historian JP Bryan and Tony Garza, former US Ambassador. -United in Mexico, among others. .

Skloss founded Pura Vida Tequila in 2011 and purchased a tequila distillery in 2015. He is a founding partner of Naranja orange liqueur, which was sold to Milestone Brands in 2017.

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